War in Eastern Congo


1) Uganda rebel leader targeted in military offensive


3) Activists Slam World's ‘Grotesque Indifference’ to DRC

4) DR Congo rebels claim new territorial advance

5) Mass Killings in Eastern Congo (video)

6) Agencies plead for Congo cash

7) DR Congo rebel Nkunda arrested

8) Rwanda aids DRC security operation

9) DRC rebel fighters declare truce

10) Congo agrees to rebel peace talks

11) Congo rebel advance breaks truce

12) Congo to help fight Rwanda rebels

13) Congo troops bar UN and aid staff

14) Rebels rewrite Congo's history

15) Rwandan aide 'backs Congo rebels'

16) Uganda 'strikes LRA rebel camps'

17) Illegal mining fuels DR Congo war

18) Congo violence (video)


20) Bowie State students raise awareness about conflicts in the Congo

21) The Congo's blood metals

22) Charities launch appeal as Congo suffering grows

23) China defends investments in DR Congo

24) Coltan, the 'blood mineral' of Congo

25) FALL 2008 Current Situation

26) Congo army prepares to abandon town to rebels

27) Congo disgrace

28) Congo rebel leader Nkunda vows to keep fighting

29) Congo rebels to pull back to allow talks

30) Congo rebels hunt down Hutu militias

31) Congo wars displacing residents

32) Congo's riches fuel its war

33) IMF: Democratic Republic of the Congo: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper

34) Cries for Help From Congo’s War Victims

35) 150 massacred in Congo

36) Congo tells UN not to send Indian peacekeepers

37) DR Congo signs deal to extend truce with Nkunda rebels

38) End The Horrific Suffering in Eastern Congo

39) DR Congo certain LRA in northeast: minister

40) Africa’s Other Holocaust

41) How We Fuel Africa's Bloodiest War

42) Innocence lost: The child soldiers forced to murder

43) International court to prosecute Congo's Lubanga

44) DRC: Rwandan operation "not welcomed"

45) Is That A Bloody Connection To The Congo In Your Pocket Or Are You Pleased To See Me?

46) Troops go on the rampage

47) Mia Farrow: Congo civilians need urgent protection

48) Congo completes review of mining contracts

49) Guns, rockets, filthy minerals

50) DR Congo: army and police continue to violate civilians' human rights, says UN mission

51) DR Congo: UN Security Council explores the possibility of amending MONUC's mandate

52) Envoys Condemn DR Congo/ FDLR Alliance

53) North Kivu: DRC, Rwanda review the Nairobi and Goma processes

54) Congo Violence (current updates)

55) Over 250,000 displaced as sexual violence erupts in DRC

56) Death all around

57) POLITICS-DR CONGO: The Devil You See...


59) Aid convoy delivers medical supplies in Congo

60) Rebels, government execute civilians in Congo

61) Both women and men victims of rape in Eastern DR Congo

62) Caritas reports Christmas Day massacre in Congo by Ugandan rebels

63) Democratic Republic of the Congo: fresh outbreak of fighting in the east displaces more civilians

64) DR Congo: Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #6 (FY 2009)

65) DR Congo conflict pits ethnic Hutus against rival Tutsis

66) DR Congo: OCHA Humanitarian Situation Update No. 16 - North Kivu, 22 - 25 Nov 2008

67) DR Congo: Peace process fragile, civilians at risk

68) Factbox - Who are Uganda's LRA rebels?

69) Over 90% of MONUC Force deployed in eastern DRC

70) Report: Both sides in Congo use rape as a weapon

71) Rich natural resources partly fuel crisis in Congo

72) The political ecology of war: natural resources and armed conflicts

73) Attacks On Civilians In Eastern Dr Congo

74) Extra Blue Helmets Will Bring Peace To DR Congo

75) Government-Rebel Talks Enter Substantive Phase

76) UN-Backed Talks Between DR Congo And Rebels

77) Search for peace ‘doomed’ by scramble for minerals in Congo

78) Special Report: China Invades Africa

79) Stop Raping Our Greatest Resource, Power to Women and Girls of DRC

80) Brutality in Congo (video)

81) Congo armed forces chief sacked; troops in disarray

82) The International Dimensions of the Congo Crisis

83) Troops from 3 nations attack Uganda rebels

84) Troops said to be on looting spree in Congo

85) U.N.: 100,000 trapped, troops needed in Congo

86) US Legislation would require certification of minerals mined in Congo

87) UN: 6 militias killed in Congo fighting

88) UN envoy says Congo rebels want to join army

89) Congo cholera outbreak spreads amid tense standoff

90) UN report says Rwanda and Congo fighting proxy war

91) UN toothless: general

92) DRC Rebels, Government Begin Talks in Kenya

93) Kivu Residents Press Kabila to Hold Talks with DRC Renegade General Nkunda

94) Mixed Reaction Greets Rwandan Troops in DRC to Fight Rebels

95) UN Approves 3,000 More Peacekeepers for DRC

96) War & armed conflict in DR Congo (current updates)

97) War in DR Congo: The story of Pascal and Vestine (video)

98) The Curse of Tribe

99) Will Rwandan troops help in Congo?

100) Women of Congo live in fear of rape