IRIN Africa | The poverty of the DRC's gold miners | DRC | Economy | Governance | Security
The poverty of the DRC's gold miners
IRIN Africa | The poverty of the DRC's gold miners | DRC | Economy | Governance | Security
The poverty of the DRC's gold miners
IRIN Africa | The poverty of the DRC's gold miners | DRC | Economy | Governance | Security
The poverty of the DRC's gold miners
UN: 35 Killed in Rebel Attack on Congo Mining Hub

Issues in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Cannibalism: 1 ) Congo warriors turning to cannibalism 2 ) DRC's cannibalism is rooted in superstition3) Chaos and cannibalism under Congo's bloody skies 4) Cannibalism in Congo: UN begins investigation 5) Cannibalism in DR Congo: Zainabo's agony 6) DRC: MONUC confirms cannibalism in Mambasa, Mangina 7) Cannibalism case is ICC’s first 8) Delegates at UN Forum tell of alleged cannibalism in DR of Congo 9) 'These freaks are now out of control' 10) Congolese Bishop Condemns Acts of Cannibalism 11) Cry 4 the Congo (video) 12) Lawyers challenge DR Congo charges (video) 13) Cannibalism shock as Congo atrocities revealed 14) U.N.: Congolese Rebels Practicing Cannibalism 15) Congo militia 'grilled and boiled victims': UN 16) Insight: "Triangle of death" looms over Congo's mining heartlands 17) Child Cannibal Killers Of The Congo*** 18) Cannibalism and Coke, child soldiers tell their tales 19) Cannibalism in the African Congo (historical) 20) Hellish scenes of mob killings and cannibalism in DR Congo 21) Gold and poaching bring murder and misery to Congolese wildlife reserve 22) In Congo, A Tribal Chief Forced To Flee Cannibalistic Militia

Che Guevara in Congo: 1) Retracing Che Guevara's Congo footsteps 2) True story of Che Guevara- (90 min video) 3) Che Guevara's War-Cry Still Resounds in Congo 4) Che Guevara in the Congo: Another Look 5) Che Guevara 6) Che Guevara's Exploits in the Congo 7) Che Guevara's involvement in the Congo 8) Congo/ Che 9) From Cuba to Congo,Dream to Disaster for Che Guevara

Child Soldiers: 1) Former child soldiers return to their families 2) Demobilise child soldiers, free minors held by military courts, says MONUC 3) Thousands of youth risk forced recruitment into militia 4) Recruitment of Children into Militias Skyrockets in Congo 5) Child Soldiers Recall Learning Lessons of War Instead of the Classroom 6) SUMMARY 7) ABDUCTION AND RECRUITMENT OF CHILDREN 8) FORCED RECRUITMENT 9) DEMOBILIZATION OF CHILDREN 10) Children Fight Congo's Wars 11) Girl soldiers face rejection 12) A Duty to Protect (video) 13) Congo warlord denies war crimes 14) Boys on the last line of defense for embattled village 15) Over 200 children pulled from armed groups in DR Congo, UN says 16) People & Power - Child soldiers - 22 Jun 08 (video) 17) Traumatized child soldiers return home in Congo 18) Stolen kids turned into terrifying killers 19) Girls less likely than boys to be freed from DR Congo’s ranks of child soldiers – UN 20) INVISIBLE CHILDREN NEED RESCUE 21)Militias Continue to Press-gang Children22) Children will be released from armed forces and groups in the East 23) Children of Conflict (video) 24) DR Congo: First Person - Life as a Child Soldier 25) UN chief urges action against child soldiers 26) The Implications of MONUC's Withdrawal on Child Soldiering in the DRC 27) Military use of children **** 28) DR Congo: Victims express relief at decision to resume first war crimes trial at the International Criminal Court 29) Obama waiver allows U.S. aid to 4 countries using child soldiers 30) DR Congo: Rogue Leaders, Rebels Forcibly Recruit Youth 31) Ex-Child Soldiers in DRC Drawn Back Into Military Ranks 32) Many DRC Children Volunteer to Fight 33) Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldier 34) Child soldiers in Congo live in fear and loathing 35) Grim Prospects of DRC’s Female Child Soldiers 36) Congolese Girls Abducted Into War 37) 82 child soldiers rescued in southeastern Congo, UN says 38) Child recruitment remains ‘endemic’ in DR Congo, UN says in new report 39) 116 children separated from armed groups in DR Congo 40) Child Cannibal Killers Of The Congo


Conflict minerals: 1) Companies Resist Conflict Minerals Provision of the Financial Reform Bill 2) UN Security Council must act to stop mineral trade fuelling Congo war 3) Monitoring Conflict Minerals: Who's Accountable? 4) .Congo Minerals Provision Becomes Part of Financial Bill 5) IPC Statement on Sec 1502: Conflict minerals from DRC 6) CONGO GOLD EPISODE OF ‘60 MINUTES’ (video)7) Conflict Minerals: ITRI Supply Chain Initiative Fails To Address Major Issues 8) The new blood diamonds? 9) Congo Resource Wars 10) Following the Mineral Trail: Congo Resource Wars and Rwanda 11) Group Says DRC Mines Falling Into New Corrupt Hands 12) The Vile Scramble for Loot: How British corporations are fuelling war in the DR Congo 13) Global Witness urges governments to act on findings of UN experts' report on DRC 14) Congo Connection (Video) 15) Grand Theft Congo - DRC (video) 16) Mines’ harsh human toll is no deep, dark secret 17) The Congo's blood metals 18) We're All Raping the Congo, One Cell Phone Call at a Time (video) 19) Rebels seize mines in Congo's resource war 20) U.S. law targets 'conflict minerals' in Congo 21) The Real Mobile Phone Wars - DRC (video) 22) Mining for Bling (video) 23) John Prendergast explains how the militias control the mines. (video) 24) Conflict Minerals 101 (video) 25) Conflict Minerals: Reports & Studies (special attention) 26) Raise Hope for Congo/ Conflict Minerals 27) UK court action over Congolese 'illegal minerals' 28) A Solution to Congolese Violence -- or Empty Gesture? 29) U.S. tries to curb looting of Congo 30) Why recent US 'conflict minerals' legislation may not help in eastern Congo 31) Conflict Minerals: Is There Blood On Your Laptop? 32) Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) 33) FIELD DISPATCH: BEHIND THE BAN- AN UPDATE FROM CONGO 34) Tantalum prices boosted by DRC conflict zone mining ban 35) Firms Linked to Conflict Minerals May Face Prosecution 36) Is Your Mobile Device or Laptop Funding Conflict Mineral Wars? (video) *** 37) SEC proposes new mining, minerals rules 38) Smartphones And Computers: "Bloodstains At Our Fingertips" 39) SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION : CONFLICT MINERALS 40) Conflict minerals: Genocide in your gadgets? 41) Congo conflict in our hands 42) IT industry steps up conflict minerals crackdown 43) Apple, Intel Halt Conflict Minerals Purchases 44) Blood and Gold 45) US ‘conflict minerals’ law bad for Africa — tech firms 46) DR Congo colonel arrested for mineral trafficking: army 47) How to offset your 'conflict mineral' guilt 48) Conflict Minerals 3TG - An Infographic ****  49) DRC launches new scheme to halt conflict minerals trade 50) Nokia establishes stance on conflict minerals in formal policy 51) Ahead of SEC decision on 'blood minerals' disclosure, US tech industry takes steps toward compliance  52) There will be blood: The corporate race for minerals 53) 2012 Conflict Minerals Company Rankings 54) Tech companies make progress on 'blood phones' and 'conflict minerals'  55) Tough legislation slows trade in conflict minerals 56) U.S. business groups challenge SEC rule on Congo minerals 57) First conflict-free tin metal from Congo due in March  58) Child miners face death for tech 59) Conflict minerals reporting guidance published 60) webmapping IPIS (use google translate) 61) The Price of Precious  62) New SEC Rules Target Congolese Minerals 63) DRC: Conflict minerals at a crossroads


Corruption: 1) DR Congo: Corruption Hinders Development 2) Who Else Is to Blame? 3) Gobal Issues:DRC 4) INFOGRAPHIC: Four leading conflict minerals  5) DR Congo: Corruption Hinders Development 6) Corruption in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 7) The Congo's blood metals 8) DRC cancels timber deals 9) Deadly Legacy: U.S. Arms to Africa and the Congo War 10) Guns and gems clash in DR Congo 11) Mining a mint in eastern DR Congo 12) The Role of Multinational Corporations in the Democratic 13) British businesses accused of funding Congo war 14) Conflict Minerals Under Study in US Congress 15) Congo Resource Wars 16) Congo Connection - Congo (video) 17) Jason Strearns' Congo Blog (current updates) 18) Following the Mineral Trail: Congo Resource Wars and Rwanda 19) Europe asked to guard against conflict-resources from Africa 20) Group Says DRC Mines Falling Into New Corrupt Hands 21) Mines’ harsh human toll is no deep, dark secret 22) Conflict Minerals: ITRI Supply Chain Initiative Fails To Address Major Issues 23) The Vile Scramble for Loot: How British corporations are fuelling war in the DR Congo 24) Steal This Country 25) 4 Ways to Help Congo Escape the Cycle of Plunder 26) UN Security Council must act to stop mineral trade fuelling Congo war 27) Congo Minerals Provision Becomes Part of Financial Bill 28) CONGO GOLD EPISODE OF ‘60 MINUTES’ (video) 29) Monitoring Conflict Minerals: Who's Accountable? 30) IPC Statement on Sec 1502: Conflict minerals from DRC 31) Government defends granting visa to Congo official 32) Who really benefitted from the DRC war?  33) Congo officials arrest former minister 34) Congo's Kabila sacks ministers over graft, absence 35) DR Congo mining transparency site launched 36) Digging for the Truth About a Dirty Trade 37) Congo is ruled by the ruthless 38) Congo Mining   39) Opinion: How warlords and Washington lobbyists undermine stability in Eastern Congo 40) DR Congo acts on transparency pledges but more disclosure needed 41) Graft costs Congo $7.3b in assets 42) 'Ghost town' protests planned in DR Congo 43) Rwanda Arrests 4 Top Army Officers 44) How gold smuggling profits warlords not Congo 45) Congo: Chaos By Design 46) Vulture fund in court to squeeze millions from Congo 47) Negotiated peace for extortion: the case of Walikale territory in eastern DR Congo 48) US SEC moves to curb bribery by US firms operating in Africa 49) Demands for transparency over DRC mining deals 50) DR Congo General sold arms to rebel groups: U.N. report  51) Business Groups Fully Brief "Conflict Minerals" Legal Challenge 52) Local Communities Forced to Pay Salaries of DRC Army and Rebels 53) Mission Congo: Exposing Pat Robertson's Fraud May Be Shocking, But Will It Shock People Enough? 54) Wasted, the millions Britain has poured into aid for Congo: Damning report reveals EU projects have failed to deliver any results 55) Israeli billionaire sells Congo oil rights for 300 times purchase price

Crimes Against Humanity: 1) DR Congo war crimes suspect in custody of international court 2) Court examines DR Congo 'crimes' 3) Information about the activities of the International Criminal Court in relation to Congo 4) Crimes of War Project 5) D.R. Congo: War Crimes in Bukavu 6) International Criminal Court's investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity a major step forward 7) International Non-governmental Commission of Inquiry into the Massive Violations of Human Rights Committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Former Zaire) 1996-1997 8) Sexual violence against women in DR Congo amounts to war crime: UN expert 9) War Crimes/Crimes Against Humanity 10) D.R. CONGO 11) Ex-child soldier recalls Congo war atrocities12) UN envoy visits scene of Congo massacre13) DR Congo war crimes trial begins 14) Ex-DRC leader on war crimes charges 15) Rape death of girl, 3, highlights 'barbarism' in DR Congo: UN 16) "You Will Be Punished"(183 pages) 17) DRC: US, UN accuse forces of "crimes against humanity" 18) 2009 Human Rights Report: Democratic Republic of the Congo (US State Dept.) 19) PeaceTalks: Anneke Van Woudenberg Of Human Rights Watch On The Crisis In The Congo(podcast) 20) The Grotesque Vocabulary in Congo 21) Patterns of sexual violence in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: reports from survivors presenting to Panzi Hospital in 2006 22) 2009 Human Rights Report: DRC (special attention) 23) Victims of Rights Violations Turn Their Eyes to Kampala 24) 'Rape in war is deliberate military strategy' 25) Report of the Mapping Exercise documenting the most serious violations of human rights 1993-2003 (draft copy) (special attention) 26) Congo rejects recommendation in UN report on genocide (see # 29) 27) In wake of mass rapes in DR Congo, UN official calls for end to impunity 28) Burundi denies war crimes in DR Congo 29) Questions raised on Congo slaughter 30) Congo's Former VP Bemba War Crimes Trial Gets Go Ahead 31) France: Extradition Order For Rwandan 32) Hundreds Were Raped on Congo-Angola Border 33) Rwanda, Human Rights Groups Applaud Rebel Leader's Arrest 34) Innocent Zimurinda/ Leader named and shamed, but still lording it over DRC 35) Central African Republic: Bemba Trial Opens With Harrowing Testimony 36) War Crimes Trial for Congo's Former VP Opens at The Hague 37) War Crimes: DR Congo army colonel added to UN sanctions list for massacring women, children 38) ICC declines to stay proceedings against Congo militia leader Lubanga 39) Mass rape leaves scar on DR Congo village (video) 40) ‘Civilians massacred’ 41) Sticks in Vaginas:" This Is What a Massacre Looks Like" 42) DR Congo: War Crimes by M23, Congolese Army 43) US Offers $5 Million Reward for African War Crimes Suspects 44) Mass slaughter of civilians, children in DR Congo: UN 45) U.N.: Armed Group Burns 16 Alive in DR Congo 46) UN Vows Justice for 21 People Killed in Congo 47) UN calls for immediate action after reported killings of children in DR Congo capital 48) Four Arrested for Witness Tampering in ICC Case 49) Massacre of 70 people in eastern Congo 50) Katanga in Crisis 51) UN Human Rights Commissioner Condemns Expulsion of His Top Official in Congo

Culture: 1) Culture of DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO 2) EXPLORE THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO 3) Culture: Congo (Democratic Republic) 4) Category:Democratic Republic of the Congo culture 5) Mercy Corps (type in DR Congo) 6) IRIN Africa-DRC 7) On-Line Resources Related to Democratic Republic of Congo 8) Tribes in the Congo 9) Congo, DR network 10) Africare-DR Congo 11) Stanford/Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC (links 12) Nat. Geographic/ Travel/ DRC 13) Congo's fashionable disguise daily toil 14) Languages of Democratic Republic of the Congo 15) congokin (information gateway) 16) Congo hopes new museum can heal nation's scars 17) African film up for a Palme d'Or 18) US State Depart./ Congo (Kinshasa) 19) Documentary about disabled musicians gets critics singing its praises in Cannes 20) Haunted by Congo rape dilemma 21) Where so many children die bearing children 22) Meeting Congo's Symphony Orchestra (video) 23) Goma rides on the back of a wooden bicycle 24) Storm Over Congolese Child Brides 25) The $20 Chukudu is The Pickup Truck of the Congo 26) Confronting Congolese rapists 27) Congo’s vibrant beat 28) Fame Beckons For Congolese Street Band 29) History and Cultures of Africa 30) 'I Am Congo (video) 31) Jupiter Bokondji: 'The cultural riches of Congo are immense' 32) Geoffrey Clarfield: The dying days of the Pygmy people 33) Open source music-making lab resonates in the Congo 34) The fashion cult cut from a different cloth


Current Situation: 1) ReliefWeb: Information Sources 2) Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) 3) 4) Congo Daily 5) Crisis Group:DRC 6) The ICRC in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 7) NewsNow: DR Congo*** 8) Enough! Eastern Congo 9) IRIN Africa: DRC humanitarian news and analysis 10) Congo-NY Times 11) NationMaster/DRC 12) Google News: DR Congo 12) Africa Confidental 13) Doctors without Borders Annual Report (2013)    

Death Count: 1)Death Tolls for the Major Wars and Atrocities of the Twentieth Century 2) Congo crisis is world's deadliest - survey 3) Congo: an everyday story of horror and grief 4) A conflict which costs more than 31,000 lives every month 5)Thousands die from DR Congo war 6) Inside Congo, An Unspeakable Toll 7) Chaos in Congo still taking toll on children 8) Horror of Congo's forgotten war (2008.03.27 video): 5.4 million dead. 9) The Congo: 5.4 million dead  10) Congo’s Death Rate Unchanged Since War Ended 11) Congo’s killing fields worse than Holocaust 12) Huge death toll in Congo 13) Surveys Indicate Mammoth Toll 14) 700 kids die per day in DRC 15) DR Congo war deaths 'exaggerated (controversial) 16)  Congo pastor loses 9 out of 10 children in war 17) Death by Gadget 18) The bleak calculus of Congo’s war without end 19)  Chronicle of death ignored 20) Scores of civilians killed in DR Congo attack

Economy and Job creation: 1) Report of the Panel of Experts on the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources and Other Forms of
Wealth of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
2) Mineral smuggling is costing the DRC millions 3) Ignoring Congo's plight 4) Congolese shock at 'fat cat' pay 5) Food insecurity prevails in east and north, aid agencies say 6) Congo's tin men 10) Global Policy Forum/ DRC 7) DRC's Economic War 8) "Mining crisis" in DRC's Katanga province 9) IMF:Democratic Republic of the Congo: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper ***10) Special Report: China Invades Africa 11) Who will rebuild DR Congo? 12) Managing the 'curse' of natural resources: charter offers guide for politicians 13) Slowdown blights DR Congo economy 14) Congo: Thousands of miners could face poverty 15) DR Congo external debt unsustainable without relief: IMF 16) DR Congo inflation at 74 pct 17) Millions Die Amid Neocolonial Plunder: The Agony of the Congo 18) Price Monitoring and Analysis Country Brief: DR Congo, February 2010 19)DRC: Inflation falls down to 31% 20) Congo customs snag will not affect debt review -IMF 21) Congo Plans Oil Pipeline From Central Basin to Atlantic in 2015 22) Withdrawal of UN could set DRC on fire 23) France Losing Africa to China 24) On Wars Over Minerals/ Conflicting priorities 25) Zambia, DRC to sign trade agreement 26) U.S. State Department *** 27) Substantial Progress on MDGs, but Much Still to be Done. 28) China, DR Congo see great potentials for further cooperation 29) World Bank Search 34) Audit of DR Congo’s debt necessary for transparency, UN human rights expert says 30) Congo River luxury condos cause Kinshasa controversy 31) Fresh Start for DR Congo's Coffee Producers 32) DR Congo: harvesting on the ruins of war 33) Sweden forgives DR Congo US$158 million debt 34) UN human development rankings place Norway at the top and DR Congo last 35) Call for Jersey to block $100m DR Congo 'vulture' debt 36) Failed state: Can DR Congo recover? 37) Cassava virus on verge of epidemic in East Africa 38) Economic Crimes in Congo 39) DR Congo economic growth seen at 8.2% 40) Researchers Empower the Poor through Cassava Productivity 41) S. African Power Pact With Congo May Boost $80 Billion Hydropower Plan 42) DR Congo Eases Process for Starting a New Business 43) PPC to Build New $240M Cement Plant in DRC 44) Uganda shilling preferred to Congolese franc in North Kivu province 45) World Bank grants DR Congo 73.1 mln USD for Inga III dam project 46) Congo sees economic growth at 10.4%


Education: 1) Schools raided as children are press-ganged into Congo conflict 2) Child kidnap 'surge' in DR Congo 3) North Kivu Humanitarian Situation 4) No books, no peace, but Congo schools open 5) War Child International: Rebuilding schools in the Congo 6) RESPECT International 7) Muyisa Orphanage D.R.Congo 8) Children fight on in Congo's war 9) Directory of Medical Schools in Democratic Republic of the Congo 10) 'We need the roads, hospitals and schools fixed' 11) United Methodist Schools in Congo follow the national curriculum required by the government.12) Congo teachers demand fair wages 13) Education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo*** 14) Pulling for better schools in DR Congo 15) UNOPS:Building schools in DR Congo 16) DR Congo: These children are at school, but they get no education 17) INHEA: History of Higher Education 18) Thousands of schools closed in eastern DR Congo 19) In DR Congo, counselling and education heal the invisible wounds of war 20) Low enrollment rates prompt efforts to invest in education in DR Congo 21) Congo Mission in Action 22) Education under Attack 2010 - The Democratic Republic of the Congo 23) UNICEF: Education crisis in DR Congo (video) 24) Primary Education for All: Out of Reach for Congo's Children? 25) Lubumbashi Children Drift Back to the Street 26) Sticks And Straw Out of Our Schools 27) DRC: Where Schools have Flapping Plastic Walls 28) DRC: Millions miss out on basic education  29) Schools looted in east DRC

Environment: 1) Likasi residents told to avoid radioactive river 2) Forest Elephants on a Road to Ruin 3) Robbing the Rain Forest 4) DR Congo's hippos face extinction 5) On DR Congo's ivory trail 6) Wildlife expert persuades notorious rebel army to join fight to save rare white rhino 7) Pygmy chimpanzees on the brink of extinction 8) DR Congo volunteers help give back to nature 9) ENVIRONMENT:Pollution Takes a Backseat in Congo 10) Carving Up the Congo (video) 11) Congo's "conflict charcoal" 12) Congo River ***13) Congo Connection - Congo (video) 14) Gorillas, Elephants And Logging In Congo 15) Congo DR Forest Figures 16) The importance of African Rain Forests to the world 17) First-Ever Landscape-Wide Study of Elephants and Great Apes 18) DR Congo: Fighting Crop Disease in Conflict Area 19) In Congo forest, bushmeat trade threatens Pygmies 20) African conservationists 'shoot to kill poachers' 21) DRC: Humans versus animals in a conflict zone 22) Congo River Journey Ends in Boat Troubles 23) Study: 'Shoot to Kill' Policy in Africa's Parks Abuses Human Rights 24) EU, Democratic Republic of Congo Jointly Fight Illegal Logging 25) Crocodile attacks kayakers, drags guide away 26) Rescuing DR Congo’s natural heritage focus of upcoming UN meeting 27) Soco’s Congo Oil Search Faces Environmental Concerns 28) In Africa, Oil Hunt Raises Concerns About Gorillas 29) Democratic Republic of Congo –Environmental and Climate Change Policy Brief (2008) 30) DR Congo entrusts forest management to Canada's ERA 31) Few people travel to the DRC, but it's birding heaven for intrepid ornithologists 32) UNEP study confirms DR Congo's potential as environmental powerhouse but warns of threats 33) Democratic Republic of Congo Fights Illegal Logging with AS&E’s Z Backscatter Vans 34) 'Hippie chimp' genome sequenced  35) Elephants in Trouble (video) 36) Meet Lesula, Congo's Colourful New Species of Monkey 37) Elephants are vanishing from DRC's best-run reserve 38) Illegal Logging ravages DR Congo forests 39) Congo, beyond the conflict: Six reasons why it matters 40) FEATURE: UN works to protect great apes, habitat, amid ongoing instability in DR Congo 41) Bonobo: 'Forgotten' Ape Threatened by Human Activity and Forest Loss 42) IUCN Red List Update: Okapi, White-Winged Flufftail Facing Extinction 43) Logging in Congo Is Out of Control, Nearly 90 Percent Illegal 44) DR Congo: Mount Nyiragongo 45) Gunmen attack Belgian head of African wildlife reserve 46) The Gorilla Doctors of the Democratic Republic of Congo: In pictures

Feminist issues in Congo: 1) Rape in the Congo 2) DR Congo: Hell on earth - systematic rape in Eastern Congo 3) ATROCITIES AGAINST WOMEN WIDESPREAD IN CONGO WAR4) NGO In Congo Says Pornography Contributing To Atrocities 5) Women in Congo - Weapons of War (video) 6) African Feminist Forum statement on the United Nations Reform 7) Women for Women International 8) Women for Women: What we do 9) Women left for dead—and the man who’s saving them 10) WOMEN AND HIV/AIDS 11) The Atrocities Committed Against Women and Girls in the Congo Defy Imagination 12) UN chief urges action to end violence and abuses endured by women 13) An apathetic, greedy west has abandoned war-torn Congo 14) Eve Ensler Calls for Rape-Free Cellphones 15) From ‘Oprah’ to Building a Sisterhood in Congo 16) Rape-camps lurk in the history of your gadgets  17) DR Congo: Women “prisoners” in their own homes 18) Forced recruitment of child soldiers in DRC 19) Tortured And Raped In The Congo*** 20) We're All Raping the Congo, One Cell Phone Call at a Time 21) Children of Conflict (video) 22) Congo Connection - Congo (video) 23) My Journey To Report On THe Horrors And The Hope In The Congo (also see ) Catherine Corpeny/ search results 24) Run for Congo Women 25) Mothers in Congo get help in raising children of rape 26) Haunted by Congo rape dilemma 27) DRC women ask for AU force 28) Congo war leaves legacy of sexual violence against women 29) Eve Ensler: Bald, Brave and Beautiful 30) DR Congo: UN to Build Safe Detention Facilities 31) Congo women relive terror of mass rape: 'This is our cry for help' 32) How to counter rape as a weapon of war 33) Women raped in mass attack in Congo, humanitarian group says 34) Grim Prospects of DRC’s Female Child Soldiers 35) 1,100 women raped every day in Congo, study finds 36) Why eastern DR Congo is 'rape capital of the world' 37) A Long Walk to Justice for Rape in Eastern Congo Demands Support 38) Fighting In Congo Forces Women To Trek For Days Or Watch Children Starve  39) Congolese Women Plead for Help in Ending Violence, Crimes Against Women 40) Run for Congo Women ** 41) Female Empowerment in DR Congo 42) Rape still rampant in DR Congo

Fistula: 1) War Against Women (video) 2) “Not Women Anymore…”***  3) Women left for dead—and the man who’s saving them 4) The stigma of rape in Eastern DR Congo 5) Treating Fistula in the Democratic Republic of Congo (video) 6) Violence Against Women: No Crime More Brutal 7) DR Congo fistulae (video) 8) Clinton decries rapes in Congo 9) Rape with Extreme Violence: The New Pathology in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo 10) The Fistula Foundation 11) Panzi Hospital Fistula Ward (video) 12) Dr. Mukwege Fights Back

Genocide Prevention: 1)Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity (an information gateway) Notice: special attention: this is an important site 2) Genocide 3) Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide 4) Prevention, "Mental Health" & Human Nature 5) Genocide Prevention Task Force Releases Report 6) Prevent Genocide International 7) Prevention of Genocide Act of 1988 (USA) 8) Learn more about genocide and how to prevent it 9) Voices on Genocide Prevention 10) Google Video: Genocide Prevention (results) 11) Holocaust Education: Nizkor Project (very important site) 12) Web Site Search Results: DRC 13) US Congress panel accuses Turkey of Armenian 'genocide' 14) Books › ""genocide prevention"" Note: see Links page #115 for more "genocide prevention" 15) Human Rights / UN 16) Human Rights Web 17) U.S. says state aggression issues could undermine ICC 18) Time to Celebrate! A Victory on Conflict Minerals 19) Rwanda Condemns U.N. Report On Congo 'Genocide' (see Issues: History # 20 for draft report)*** 20) UN report says DR Congo killings 'may be genocide' (video) 21) The Coherence Dilemma in Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Reconstruction System  22) Google: Hate Speech/ genocide prevention 23) Congolese humanitarian Rose Mapendo brings message of peace to Israel

Government:1) Incumbent Declared Winner in Congo Vote 2) The decentralisation law is the priority of priorities 3) New DR Congo constitution adopted 4) New DR Congo constitution backed 5) Interim government named in DR Congo 6) Final Congolese Peace Deal Signed in S. Africa 7) DRC: Government, rebels agree on military posts 8) Congo Votes in Its First Multiparty Election in 46 Years 9) Congo convenes first free parliament in 40 years 10) DR of Congo: New UN report documents abuses by police and army troops11) The International Dimensions of the Congo Crisis 12) No award for African leadership 13) Chief of State and Cabinet Members DRC ***14) Congo: The Broken Heart of Africa - 04 Dec 06 - Part 1(video),Congo: The Broken Heart of Africa - 04 Dec 06 - Part 2 (video)15) The Undemocratic Republic of Congo - Congo (video) 16) Lawyers challenge DR Congo charges (video) 17) USA Embassy/ DR Congo 18) Demands that UN peacekeepers leave Congo draw protest even from fierce critics of the UN  19) Government involvement in DR Congo killing likely: UN expert 20) Kabila calls for moral revolution in DR Congo 21) Congo was a failed state 10 years ago when the UN mission began and it is a failed state now 22) DRC to Form New Election Commission 23) Congo: Five Priorities for a Peacebuilding Strategy 24) Human Rights Around the Globe Still Uneven 25) DR Congo: Six killed in 'coup bid' against Kabila 26) Over 30 arrested after suspected Congo coup fails 30) TOP 10 HUMANITARIAN AID DONORS TO DRC, 2008 27) Microsoft switches off privacy for Hotmail users in war-torn and repressive states 28) China's $9bn "Deal of the century" with the DRC - A critical review   29) DR.Congo opposition supporter killed in clashes with police 30) Opposition leader enters DR Congo presidential race 31) DR Congo police fire tear gas at opposition protesters 32) DR Congo ready for democracy? 33) DR Congo's Electoral Law for 2011: Choosing Continuity 34) Murder in Kinshasa (video)*** 35) DR Congo election: Joseph Kabila 're-elected' 36) DR Congo election: Kabila guards 'shot UDPS supporters' 37) Calls for calm over disputed DR Congo election (video) 38) Killings and Intimidation Mar Elections in Congo 39) DR Congo vote results inaccurate and unfair: archbishop 40) DRCongo vote count halts until foreign experts come 41) DR Congo election: Joseph Kabila confirmed as winner 42) Congo election: Two men declare themselves president 43) DRC Decides 44) US: DR Congo elections 'seriously flawed' 45) DRC rights group calls for new elections 46) Congo diplomats seek asylum 47) Human rights violations during DRC general elections – UN report 48) SADC accusations jeopardise Congo peace efforts 49) Hollande slams DRC lack of democracy 50) Congo war exposes folly of western aid 51) Watchdog says $88m missing in DRC mining taxes 52) Some Thoughts on Rebuilding African State Capability 53) DR Congo: Outspoken Lawmaker Gets 3-Year Sentence 54) Analysis: Where is the state in North Kivu? 55) DR Congo-Burundi-Gambia: 'No favourable conditions for civil societies' 56) Spate of village chief killings hits northeast DR Congo 57)  Kerry Calls on Congo's Kabila to Honor Constitution 58)  Eight killed in attack on Kinshasa barracks 59) Congo opposition pledges more protests after govt crackdown 60) DRC opposition leader jailed for insulting Kabila


Health:1) The difference between life and death 2) Terror of starvation grips the Garden of Eden 3) Congo Violence Creates Medical Crisis 4) Neenah doctor helps reshape lives in Africa 5) Democratic Republic of Congo:Field News MSF 6) DR Congo: Hidden epidemic of starvation and disease plagues smallest victims 7) Ebola kills two more in DR Congo: group8) Health topics/WHO 9) DRC: Deadly meningitis hits Kisangani 10) Congo Surgeon Trains in Burn Treatment at Rambam 11) Why Give a Damn about Congo? (video) 12) Congo bishop: Nets, wells saving lives 13) Cousin of smallpox virus spreading in DR Congo 14) Professionalism Key to Congo Medical Exercise 15) World Bank Grant of US$ 80 Million for Health Sector Rehabilitation Support Project (Democratic Republic of Congo) 16) DRC: Polio cases on the rise 17) Cholera deaths reported in DR Congo as disease infects thousands – UN 18) HAART Effective For Treating HIV-Infected Children Living In DRC 19) Measles 'kill over 1,000' DR.Congo children since January 20) Still drinking river water in DRCongo, despite cholera 21) DR Congo: thousands affected by cholera and measles outbreak 22) UN alarm over African cholera epidemic 23) Immunizing millions of children to eradicate polio in DR Congo 24) DRC: Measles immunization campaign targets 1.7 million children 25) Fight against cholera in DR Congo remains in need of funding – UN 26) DRC: Untapped potential - some data 27) Massive malaria surge in DR Congo requires urgent response 28) DRC: End of mother-to-child HIV transmission still a long way off 29) In Brief: DRC cholera outbreak worsens 30) Ebola outbreak out of control in Congo 31) From Rabbits in Congo, a Jump in Kids' Health 32)  DRC considers cholera vaccination 33) Boost for healthcare in DRC 33) Yellow fever in the Democratic Republic of Congo 34) Over 17 mln children in DR Congo to be vaccinated against polio 35)  MSF suspends medical activities in Pinga, Democratic Republic of Congo after threats to staff 36) DR Congo could face highest burden of neglected tropical diseases  37) Emergency in South Irumu – “People have simply been abandoned" 38) Funding shortage forces UN agency to reduce food assistance in DR Congo 39)  10th IPC analysis round – Summary of findings: Acute food insecurity situation overview December 2013 – June 2014 40) MSF releases report on shocking humanitarian situation in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo 41) DRC Ebola outbreak 'distinct and independent event,' say WHO  

History: 1) The history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo—Kinshasa 2) King Leopold's Soliloquy by Mark Twain 3) The Congo and Coasts of Africa by Richard Harding Davis 4) Pioneers in Congo by Sheppard, William Henry, 1865-1921 5) Congo History by Nigel Rolland 6) The Belgian Congo, reservoir of the allies (1942) by Arthur Wauters 7) CONGO DISASTER (1961) by COLIN LEGUM 8) The Congo Rebellion (1964) 9) Internet Archives search results: Congo 10) Congo: a brief background history 11) Congo Connection - Congo (video) 12) Demystifying the Congo (video) 13) Secrets of The CIA - Congo (video) 14) US STATE DEPT: DRC Background 15) Congo's 50 years of utter misery 16) In pictures: The DR Congo at 50 17) DR Congo marks 50 years of freedom from Belgian colonial rule 18) DRC marks 50 years of independence 19) From the archive, 1 July 1960: Congo festivities marred 20) Report of the Mapping Exercise documenting the most serious violations of human rights 1993-2003 /draft copy / (special attention) 21) Q&A: DR Congo conflict 22) Highlights from leaked UN draft report on Congo atrocities: 1993-1996 23) MVEMBA DIZOLELE'S TALK AND Q&A SESSION (audio) 24) Second Congo War: history with links*** 25) Congo, War & Army 26) History and Cultures of Africa 27) Congo Crisis, 1960-1964 (Map) 28) Rediscovering Congo 29) DR Congo: Profiles of Kabila, Tshisekedi and Kamerhe 30) And Once More the World Shrugs at the Congo 31) Congo Advocacy, Circa 1909 32) African Pygmy Thrills, 1930s(video33) Of “Doubtful Nationality”: Political Manipulation of Citizenship in the D. R. Congo 34) Africa ... States of Independence - DR Congo (video35) A brief history of Congo's wars 36) Google Scholar: congo war *** 37) Western Intervention in the Great Lakes (Part 1) 38) Bloody Katanga 40) The Origins of War in the DRC 41) Congolese Civil War 42) The French African Connection (video)*** 43) Search Results/ Digital Public Library of America: Congo  44) Talk Nation Radio: The Congo and the U.S.-Backed Deadliest Conflict Since WWII 45) Explaining the Great War in Africa: How Conflict in the Congo Became a Continental Crisis

HIV/AIDS: 1) Rape cases up by 60 percent in North Kivu 2) Almost a million children orphaned by Aids in the Congo 3) MSF introduces ARV treatment in Bukavu 4) Congo's HIV/AIDS epidemic intensified by systematic rape 5) The HIV/AIDS epidemic is taking an increasing and terrifying toll on Africa's women 6) WHO: HIV/AIDS/ DRC 7) DR Congo: Volunteers help children orphaned by HIV/AIDS 8) HIV/AIDS estimates: DRC 9) HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 10) The Hub: HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) 11) The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 12) University of California, San Francisco/ HIV/AIDS 13) 2010 HIV in Humanitarian Situations 14) D.R. CONGO HIV AIDS (MONUC) (video) 15) UNAIDS ***  16) Ask: Hiv/Aids in the DR Congo

Infrastructure: roads,bridges, rail, electricity,water  1) Transport Minister Fired in DRC After Deadly Plane Crash 2) Africa Infrastructure Conference 3) Congo waits sceptically for the lights to come on 4) Road means trade, security, perhaps even democracy for eastern Congo 5) Rebuilding Congo's Railroad 6) Congo river reopens to trade 7) LIST OF AIR CARRIERS OF WHICH ALL OPERATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO A BAN 8) On a wing and a prayer 9) U.S. School Buses Get 2nd Life in Congo 10) Transport in the DR Congo *** 11) EXPLORE THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO 12) The Boat - DRC (video) 13) 90 People Dead After Boat Sinks on Lake in Congo 14) MTN May Buy ZTE’s 51% Stake in Congo Phone Venture 15) Kabila's Congo - Democratic Republic of Congo (video) 16) World Bank Funding Helps Kinshasa Double its Drinking Water Distribution Capacity 17) MSF starts work in the 'hunger prison', Bunia, DRC 18) DR Congo National Road No. 2 19) Wikitravel: DRC 20) Congo’s roads of ruin 21) Truck drives off bridge killing 33 in DRC 22) Power project collapses 23) India signs $42 mln loan with Congo following debt relief  24) DR Congo/Ituri: MONUSCO rehabilitates Bogoro-Aveba Road 25) Global Witness wary over China, DR.Congo deal 26) DR Congo sacks minister after new boat deaths 27) DR. Congo air crash toll rises to 74 28) Chinese peacekeepers return home from DR Congo 29) DR Congo power board to be sacked after blackouts 30) A long journey to deliver precious medicine in eastern Congo 31) Hazardous trucking in DR Congo (video) ** 32) Millions of people to receive solar energy access 33) Warid Congo launches Mobile Money service 34) Remote parts of Congo may soon get mobile coverage  35) Behind the (prison) walls (video) 36) DRC raises USD60 million from 3G licence sales 37) Food Security and the Failure of Mechanisation in DRC 38) Plant Diseases Threaten Food Security in Kivu, DR Congo 39) Water in DRC More Often Cause of Death than Source of Life 40) Africa’s Information Highway - The AfDB Launches Open Data Platforms for 20 African Countries  41) Bidding nears for $9-14 bln Congo hydropower plant  42) Traveling through the rural Democratic Republic of the Congo 43) ICTSI to set up $100 million terminal in DR Congo 44) DR Congo: North Kivu starts first cement plant 45) Water everywhere for DR Congo city yet scarcely a drop to drink 


Justice: victums, judges, police:1) Progress has been very disappointing bringing sexual violence perpetrators to justice 2) Congo Militia Leader Faces First ICC Trial In March 3) Military Court Trials Worry Rights Activists 4) South Kivu: 4,500 sexual violence cases in the first six months of this year alone (July 27, 2007) 5) Arbour: I'm encouraged by the mobilization of civil society in the fight against impunity 6) DR Congo's towns besieged by rapists 7) DR Congo's justice for sale 8) DR Congo official ran death gang 9) Rape, brutality ignored to aid Congo peace 10) THE FAILURE OF THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM  11)  Hundreds executed after Kabila killed 12) Confronting Impunity13) Justice for Horrific Crimes Needed 14) Prosecuting the most serious crimes 15) DRC: High death rates in prisons due to malnutrition 16) War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in the Democratic Republic of Congo 17) DRCongo’s landmark basic law formally adopted 18) Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2006 19) DR Congo's Bemba accused of rape 20) Warlord 'press-ganged children' in Congo 21) MONUC supports capacity building course for the DRC military justice system 22) DR Congo: Militia Leader Guilty in Landmark Trial  23) DR Congo passes amnesty law for eastern rebels 24) MONUC assists Congolese justice in trying massive rape cases at Lieke Lesole 25) The haunted history of DR Congo (video) 26) United States Department of State (Washington, DC) Congo-Kinshasa: 2009 Human Rights Report: DRC  27) American Bar Association: DRC 28) UN trains Congolese ex-fighters in policing 29) Congolese Activiists Call for International Tribunal in DRC 30) DR.Congo police chief admits role in murder: source 31) Second DR Congo court orders execution for Norwegians 32) DRC: Getting away with rape 33) Congo Police Move to Combat Violence Against Women 34) MONUSCO and partners discuss security sector reform 35) UN Mapping Exercise Report (draft copy)(special attention) 36) DRC: MONUSCO concerned over the death of Armand Tungulu Mudiandambu 37) DR Congo police on trial for killing Floribert Chebeya 38) UN Votes to Name Alleged Rapists in War 39) DR Congo colonel Kibibi Mutware jailed for mass rape 40) Rwanda rebel leader Callixte Mbarushimana sent to ICC 41) DR Congo: Establishment of a Specialized Mixed Court for the Prosecution of Serious International Crimes 42) Congo: new mass rapes are horrific failure of justice 43) DR Congo: Floribert Chebeya killers sentenced to death 44) Murder in Kinshasa (video) *** 45) DR. Congo courts too weak to end impunity: Amnesty 46) DR Congo prison raid springs militia boss from death row 47) DR Congo rapists must be brought to justice, says UN 48) Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering The Truth (video) 49) DRC: Amnesty Says Neglected Congolese Victims Deserve Justice Now 50) DR Congo's Lubanga found guilty by ICC 51) DRC Warlord Sentence a Joke, Say NGOs 52) Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui acquittal puts pressure on ICC 53) There Is No Law In Kivu 54) The horrors of eastern Congo 55) Roving Courts in Eastern Congo 56) Congo Rebel Leader Ntaganda in Custody After Leaving Rwanda 57) Deaths in DR Congo detention centres doubled in 2012, says UN 58) 12 activists get 20 years jailtime for planning DRC rally 59) Rwanda blocks any Africa role for ICC at UNSC 60) DR Congo: UN welcomes progress in ending impunity for torture 61) Norwegian jailed in Congo found dead in cell  62) Forty-one DRC soldiers on trial for rape 63) DR Congo arrests rebel leader accused of war crimes 64) Congo warlord's conviction brings relief to international court 65) DR Congo: No More Delays for Justice 66) Genocide: No justice for DRC massacres 67) International Criminal Court sentences former Congolese militia leader to 12 years 68) Gunmen free 100s of prisoners in east DRC

Militia: 1) 'Magic water' militia fuel Congo terror 2) U.N.: Congolese Rebels Practicing Cannibalism 3) MASSACRE IN DRC; VICTIMS' BODY PARTS USED AS CHARMS 4) Rwandan Hutus spread terror in Congo 5) D.R. Congo: Executions, Torture by Armed Groups in Ituri 6) Human Rights Abuses of Civilians by Armed Groups 7) DRC: UN troops break up militia camp in Ituri 8) Militia's reign of terror comes to an end in DR Congo 9) Congo militia 'grilled and boiled victims': UN 10) DR Congo Hutu gunmen 'on rampage' 11) Kabila's Eastern Alies - DRC (video) 12) Rwandan Rebels (video) 13) Uganda captures rebel commander 14) DR Congo: Brutal Rapes by Rebels and Army 15) DRC-UGANDA: LRA torture of civilians continues 16) DRC: Militias causing increased havoc in northeast 17) DR Congo: MONUC responds to NGO concerns over FDLR reprisals 18) DR Congo: Ex-LRA captives speak of "devil's" army 19) U.N. Report: From Bad to Worse in War-Torn Congo 20) UN report: Congo rebel network spans 25 countries 21) Congo Rebels - DRC(video) 22) Tourist vs. Rebels (video) 23) DR Congo's conflicts that refuse to end 24) Trail of Death/ LRA Atrocities in Northeastern Congo 25) DR Congo rebel massacre of hundreds is uncovered (video) 26) Crisis in DR Congo/ Rebel War 27) Uganda: Lord's Resistance Army steps up frequency and brutality of attacks 28) DR Congo: New Round of LRA Killing Campaign 29) Fifty years on, DRC still lacks stability 30) Some 200 Women Gang-Raped Near Congo UN Base 31) Uganda's LRA 'seizes hundreds' 32) Report of the Mapping Exercise documenting the most serious violations of human rights 1993-2003 /draft copy / (special attention) 33) Arrest in DR Congo over mass rape 34) LRA Rebel Fighter Numbers Dwindling, Officials Say 35) The Lord’s Resistance Army of Today 36) Extra peacekeepers for DRC 37) Germany charges 2 Rwandan men with war crimes 38) USA to disarm Joseph Kony rebels 39) 11 Civilians Found Dead After Congo Abduction 40) DRC: Security deteriorates in Uelé districts 41) Uganda, Congo resume Kony hunt 42) UN: 300,000 Congolese displaced by Ugandan rebels 43) Threats to civilians increasing in east. DR Congo: Oxfam 44) Rebels kill five aid workers, two others in DR Congo 45) Uganda: US help against rebels overdue (video) 46) ICC orders release of Rwandan rebel leader after dismissing charges 47) KONY 2012 (video)*** 48) Stop Kony and the LRA (video) 49) African Union force to step up hunt for Kony 50) DR Congo: Where Logic ends? 51) Rwanda military aiding DRC mutiny, report says 52) Kamapa summit deadlocked on DR Congo-Rwanda force 53) DR Congo rebels work on image makeover (video) 54) The U.S. Ally That Brings Violence to the Congo and Gets Away With It 55) US special forces help in hunt for warlord Kony 56) Ugandan Troops Capture Rebel, Wound Another 57) Armed groups in eastern DRC ‘tax’ citizens to fund their war – Oxfam 58) DR Congo rebels seize Goma (video) 59) Rebel march continues in Eastern Congo (video) 60) As Congo's M23 rebels refuse to give up key city of Goma, another rebel group crosses border into Rwanda 61) Congo rebels surround central bank in Goma  62) Google: fdlr drc 63) Google: m23 rebels  64) March 23 Movement 65) UN slaps sanctions on DR Congo rebels  66) War in Eastern Congo*** 67) Kony's bodyguard killed in CAR jungles 68) DR Congo rebels impose new leaders and taxes: officials 69) Everything You Need to Know about the conflict in Goma 70) Democratic Republic of the Congo: the Last Stand- (video ) 71) Democratic Republic of Congo's key armed groups  72) Dozens of M23 Rebels Killed by Congo Army in Renewed Fighting 73) Briefing: Armed groups in eastern DRC*** 74) Backlash fears after “Islamist” attacks in eastern DRC 75) Kony 2013: U.S. quietly intensifies effort to help African troops capture infamous warlord  76) DR Congo rebels surrender in Uganda  77) Fears of revenge attacks on alleged M23 collaborators in eastern DRC 78) Kinshasa sets sights on Hutu rebels 79) DR Congo: Failure to disarm rebels stokes insecurity in Kivu Province  80) IRIN Briefing: ADF-NALU militia in DRC  81) 32 Ugandan rebels killed during fighting with DR Congo army 82) Eastern DRC Rebel Turn in Weapons 83) Offering to Disarm in Congo, After 20 years of War  84) Children hacked to death in DRC  85) DRC Rebel Group Wants Assurances to Hand Over Weapons 86) New rebel group sets up base in Rwenzori 87) Leaders want more support for returning LRA captives

Mining: 1) Agencies Pressure DRC Commission to Publish Mining Review 2) Mining Boom in DRC Boosts Fortunes of State-Owned Gecamines 3) DRC mining association to be established in 2007 4) Mining Offers Potential, and Challenges, for Congo 5) Chinese demand boosts DR Congo mines 6) Diamond Mining and Conflict 7) Global Issues :DRC 8) MINING NEWSLETTER: DRC 9) THE MINERALS OF THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO 10) Mining for Bling (video) 11) The Real Mobile Phone Wars - DRC (video) 12) Coltan, the 'blood mineral' of Congo 13) Illegal mining fuels DR Congo war 14) "Mining crisis" in DRC's Katanga province 15) DR Congo: SRSG responds to Global Witness re UN resolutions on the illicit exploitation of natural resources 16) Congo’s contract review 17) The Search for Gold in Congo 18) France seals African uranium deals 19) Conflict Fueled From Many Sources 20) Congo (Kinshasa): Militarization of Mining Well-Entrenched 21) Mineral Wealth of the Congo 22) A gold reawakening in the DRC 23) PWC’s blood stained ties  24) Congo Connection - Congo (video) 25) In Focus: Congo's Bloody Coltan (video) 26) Mines’ harsh human toll is no deep, dark secret 27) IT Industry Leaders Aim to End Use of 'Blood Tin' 28) Conflict Minerals: ITRI Supply Chain Initiative Fails To Address Major Issues 29) Rebels seize mines in Congo's resource war 30) Research and Markets: Democratic Republic of Congo Mining Report - the Updated Q2 2010 Report 31) Congo Minerals Provision Becomes Part of Financial Bill (USA)  32) UN Security Council must act to stop mineral trade fuelling Congo war 33) Did Buying Your Gaming Console Help Fund War Atrocities in the Congo? 34) First Quantum says new projects may double revenue 35) Ending the Conflict Minerals Trade 36) IPC Statement on Sec 1502: Conflict minerals from DRC 37) DR Congo frees 11,506 children from mines 38) Gold mine group opposes planned US disclosure rule 39) SPECIAL REPORT - The biggest company you never heard of 40) Slavery in Your Pocket: The Congo Connection (video) 41) Congo Mining*** 42) Gecamines plans to produce 100,000t/y copper by 2015 43) Illegal mining on the increase in Katanga  44) Does Mining Benefit Africa? ( audio) 45) From Child Miner to Jewelry Store: The Six Steps to Conflict Gold in Congo 46) Gertler Earns Billions as Mine Deals Fail to Enrich Congo 47) The poverty of the DRC's gold miners 48) Conflict Gold to Criminal Gold 49) UN: 35 Killed in Rebel Attack on Congo Mining Hub 50) Congo's Katanga province rejects ban on copper exports 51) Congo's mining heartland a volatile "powder keg" -lawmaker 52) UN special forces sent to Congo’s mining hub 53) One of the largest gold mines in Africa opens

Monuc: 1) W.Swing: An expensive peace is better than any war 2) UN chief "deeply concerned" at dire situation in DR Congo 3) UN Congo Staff and Soldiers Accused of Prostitution, Rape, and Pedophilia 4) Security Council Extends Mission 5) MONUC: Our preferred option is that combatants enter brassage immediately without conditions 6) MONUC: Our number one concern is that a fast solution is found to the crisis 7) UN peacekeepers in eastern DR of Congo return fire, kill 50 militiamen, destroy camps 8) Congo Will Start New Rebel Hunt, UN Mission Head Says 9) U.N. accused of failing to protect Congolese 10) UN mission in DR Congo downgraded (video) 11) New peacekeeping strategy for Congo unveiled 12) United Nations Humanitarian Fund gives $7 million in rapid response to people affected by hostilities in DRC 13) DR Congo: Amid Alleged Army Atrocities 14) Cell Phone Metal Triggers Strife in Eastern Congo 15) UN extends mandate (for 5 mo.)of DRC peacekeepers 16) UN Forces Must Remain in the Democratic Republic of Congo 17) Abusive Congolese colonel got aid 18) UN, Congolese Army Send Reinforcements to Fight Insurgents 19) Thirty-first report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 20) UN fears for Congolese women after departure 21) UN Peacekeeping Mission in DRC Under Review 22) Report of the Security Council mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 13 to 16 May 2010 23) The United Nations mission in DR Congo 

MONUSCO: 1) Lt. Gen. Prakash is UN commander for Congo 2) United Nations Must Train Its Peacekeepers on Prevention and Response to Sexual Violence  3) Gains And Remaining Challenges in DR Congo 4) Secretary-General inaugurates new phase of UN mission in DR Congo 5) U.N. pullback likely to worsen Congo wars 6) Veteran U.S. diplomat appointed to top UN post in DR Congo 7) On Location: Ishunga, Congo — Market walk (video) 8) MONUSCO homepage*** 9) Peacekeepers hacked to death in DR Congo 10) Indian soldier is LoC in Congo's Nintendo war 11) 200 women, 4 baby boys gang-raped near Congo UN base 12) Congo mass rape numbers rise to 240 - UN 13) DR Congo arrests two over UN attack 14) United Nations Documents on MONUSCO 15) UNSC Questions Peacekeeper Action in Congo 16) UN releases controversial report on conflict in DR Congo 17) UN Mapping Report**** 18) Militia hits UN base in E. Congo; 8 attackers dead 19) DR Congo: Corrections Unit, a new section within MONUSCO 20) The largest UN peacekeeping mission in history based in the country is now being asked to leave 22) MONUC/MONUSCO and Civilian Protection in the Kivus 23) UN Medals awarded to Pakistani peacekeepers in Congo 24) India withdrawing helicopters from U.N.'s Congo mission 25) DR Congo tin 'smuggled' by UN man 26) DR Congo: UN condemns pre-election violence and urges dialogue 27) Analysis: The challenge of civilian/ protection for peacekeepers in Africa 28) African states pledge to eradicate DRC rebels (video) 29) DR Congo: UN helicopter gunship fires on M23 rebels 30) U.N.: Peacekeeper killed in volatile eastern Congo 31)  Defining Peacekeeping Downard: The U.N. Debacle in Eastern Congo 32) UN helicopters fire on DR Congo rebels advancing on Goma 33) Uganda to withdraw peacekeepers from Somalia over controversy 34) Six UN peacekeepers injured in rebel attack in DR Congo 35) DRC rebels fire at UN helicopter 36) Humanitarian situation in eastern DR Congo remains ‘extremely worrying’ – UN official 37) Can UN deal with M23 threat to Goma? 38) Pakistan peacekeeper killed in DR Congo 39) Tanzanian troops arrive in eastern DR Congo as part of UN intervention brigade 40) UN tests combat brigade in Democratic Republic of Congo 41) UN peacekeeper killed in DR Congo skirmishes  42) UN mission steps up patrols in eastern DR Congo, sends in choppers to protect civilians 43) UN Congo mission to get Falco UAVs 44) United Nations authorizes offensive operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 45) DR Congo: hit by funding shortfall, UN agency to cut some food relief operations 46) UN Security Council makes FDLR militia Congo's top target, with M23 rebels beaten 47) FDLR remains a hard nut to crack for UN's Congo force 48) UN troops launch offensive against Rwandan rebels in DR Congo 49) UN humanitarian agencies suspend aid DR Congo refugee camps due to inadequate donation 50) UN urged to hit Rwandan rebels in DR Congo 51) UN mission in DRC plans withdrawal 52) Head of U.N. Congo peacekeepers regrets failing to stop massacre     53) Rebels kill 26 in DRC machete as UN chief told to leave 54) UN calls for surrender of Rwandan Hutu rebels in DR Congo 55) UN force in DRC appears poised to strike FDLR

National Army/FARDC : 1) DR Congo Government forces commit worst of widespread abuses 2) Army abuse compounds IDPs' lot in Ituri 3) MONUC denounces the presence of children in FARDC's ranks 4) MONUC: Our preferred option is that combatants enter brassage immediately without conditions 5) Contact group workshop on reform of DRC army 6) Government, rebels agree on military posts   7) Africa Focus: DR Congo's former rebel CNDP awaits political reintegration 8) DRC army accused of civilian abuses 9) Congo: 'The soldiers meant to protect us are the same ones killing people' 10) DR Congo: Integrated rebels begin rebellion in Congolese army 11) EU sees DR Congo army reform as priority 12) 'Terminator' lives in luxury while peacekeepers look on 13) Congo: Troops Suspected of Looting 14) Reports of thousands fleeing DR Congo 15) DR Congo army regains control of Mbandaka 16) 'Scores of rebels either dead or in custody' 17) New DR Congo army to take over from MONUC 18) UN slams DR Congo over mass rapes 19) DR Congo troops in rape and murder claim 20) UN: DR Congo troops committing rape (video) 21) Congo army engaged in orgy of criminality: UN 22) DR Congo army colonel added to UN sanctions list for massacring women, children 23) DR Congo soldiers arrested for rape 24) UN confirms mass rapes in villages in eastern DR Congo 25) DR Congo soldiers 'captured in Tanzania chasing rebels' 26) DR Congo's Tshisekedi orders army to disobey Kabila 27) D.R. Congo: DRC Army's Loyalties Uncertain Around Election 28) Taking a Stand on Security Sector Reform 29) Congo News Agency/FARDC 30) Fighting rages in eastern DR Congo (video) 31) 600 Kabila soldiers flee DR Congo into Uganda 32) DR Congo army accused of 'terrorising' locals (video) 33) Congo bids to form alliance to retake Goma 34) Congo's army accused of rape and looting as M23 rebels win image war 35) DRC Army Accused of Abuses During Retreat from Goma 36) Congo Army Arrests Several for Alleged Rapes 37) INSIGHT-Congo army debacle at Goma raises spectre of betrayal 38) African armies can’t fight when the other side has guns 39) Rape by DRC soldiers on the rise 40) Thousands flee army harassment in eastern DRC* 41) Rebels, army clash in DR Congo ahead of Ban visit 42) Girls as young as six raped by Congolese soldiers in Minova - U.N. 43) DR Congo retakes four towns from Rwandan rebels 44) DR Congo army regains control of capital 45) Key DRC Army Commander Killed in Ambush 46) DRC army completely dysfunctional: Expert (video) 47) Fresh fighting erupts on DR Congo-Rwanda border 48)Rwanda trashess report on DR Congo border clashes 49) Rwanda, DRC warned over border deployment

News Coverage: 1) ) Africa's forgotten crises 2) Counting the dead 3) New Web resource to track the disasters the media ignores 4) Congo's conflict receives minimal media coverage 5) DRC news updates 6) 7) Cross-referenced news and research resources about war & armed conflict in DR Congo current updates 8) Gobal Voices Online: DRC 9) Congo Daily/ wn network 10) Horror of Congo's forgotten war 2008.03.27 (video) 11) Activists slam world's ‘grotesque indifference’ to DRC 12) Congo NewsWatch 13) When 5 million dead aren’t worth two stories a year ***14) Newstime Africa 15) Congo Kinshasa News 16) Hartford Courant: Congo 17) News Now/ DR Congo 18) Hidden horrors of a war the world ignored 19) Mvemba Phezo Dizolele  20) Protesters in Ottawa decry media coverage of crisis in the D.R. Congo 21) Congo: The 'World War' Nobody Knows About*** 22) Invisible Children video stirs US response: We're hunting down Joseph Kony 23) War photographer feels compelled to cover Africa strife Japan ignores 24) Why the world is ignoring Congo war

NGO's: 1) Democratic Republic of the Congo/ NGO's 2) Negotiating humanitarian access in Ituri, Eastern Dr Congo, 1999-2004 ( 22-MAR-06) 3) Fighting Cripples Humanitarian Aidin War-Torn Eastern Congo 4) UNHCR - 640,000 internally displaced in Kivu provinces between June and July 2007 5) IRC assists victims of D.R. Congo massacre 6) The long road to delivering food aid 7) Other Humanitarian Funding to Democratic Republic of Congo 2001 8) Congo Advocacy Coalition letter to United Nations: Civilian Protection Now 9) DRC: Protect civilians in northeast from rebels - MSF 10) USG Humanitarian Assistance to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (as of 18 Feb 2009) 11) HA2015 Democratic Republic of the Congo Web 16)DR Congo: Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #14 (FY 2009) 12) DR Congo: Humanitarian crisis Mid Year Review 2009 13) Humanitarian Action in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Weekly Bulletin, 22 January 2010 14) Medical Teams International sends more urgently needed volunteers, supplies to help survivors of war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo 15) Dr Congo: UN Condemns Death Threats 16) Travelogue from DR Congo: Day 1,[Day 2],[Day 3] 17) Fears of UN withdrawal from DR Congo 18) DRC: Aid delivery under threat in Kivus 19) DR Congo suspends police chief over Chebeya death 20) American medical charity workers attacked in Congo after rape allegations 21) At regional African summit, focus on Congo killing 22) 220 Congolese human rights organizations Congolese Civil Society ( see History #20 UN Mapping Exercise/ draft copy) 23) Policy & Issue Briefs 24) Congolese activist lives in fear after attack 25) UN action needed to help thousands in DRC stranded without assistance  26) 20,000 miners families starve while NGOs twiddle their thumbs 27) Democratic Republic of the Congo: ICRC evacuates war casualties in South Kivu 28) In North Kivu, Violence is "Hopelessly Commonplace" 29) Aid workers flee conflict in North Kivu 30) Human Rights Watch: Watchdog or Master Puppeteer? 31) Aid Workers Struggle to Provide Services in Congo  32) DR Congo: war surgery-healing the horror (video) 33) Increasing Ethnic Violence in DRC Has Led to Crisis 34) Oxfam worker reveals true cost of war 35) DR Congo: Funding appeal to boost emergency aid in east 36) DR Congo: Situation still very precarious in east of country 37) MSF Activity Report  38) WFP may scale back work in DRC 39) DR Congo: Aid for 33,000 people in Katanga

Peace Agreements: 1) UN envoy hails peace accord between DR of Congo, Uganda 2) Security Council members hail DR of Congo, Rwanda peace agreement 3) DR of Congo: Security Council, Annan say inter-Congolese dialogue key to peace 4) DR Congo peace deal signed 5) Last foreign troops leave DR Congo 6) Foreign troops begin Congo pullout 7) African 'World War' peace signing 8) Warring Congo factions sign peace deal 9) DR Congo's unending war 10) Final Congolese Peace Deal Signed in S. Africa 11) Ceasefire signed in Congo 12) Sun City Agreement13) Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Peace Agreement 14) THE NAIROBI COMMUNIQUE 15) Peace eludes eastern Congo as rebels, govt talks put off to Jan 4 16) War in Eastern Congo*** 17) African Leaders Sign DR Congo Peace Deal 18) African leaders sign DR Congo peace deal (video) 19) DRC Rebels Blame Government for Talks ‘Breakdown’ 20) African leaders sign DR Congo peace deal (video) 21) African leaders in talks to end fighting in DR Congo 22) Formula for DR Congo peace still elusive 23) Rwandan troops heading towards Congo border, war looms  24) DR Congo's M23 rebel chief in Ugandan army safe house  25) Making sense of the DRC declarations on M23  26) Congo signs peace deal with M23 rebels: Kenya presidential spokesman 27) DR Congo peace efforts, regional framework at crucial juncture, UN officials stress

Press Freedom in DRC: 1) Reporters without Borders: type in DR Congo 2) CPJ urges government DR of Congo to respect press freedom 3) D.R. Congo: Climate of Fear Threatens Elections 4) Report: Congo among worst in the world on press freedom 5) HRW Alarmed About Hate Radio Broadcasts and the Incitement of Ethnic Violence in the DRC   6) International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX)*** 7) Wave of interrogations, harassment sparks new concerns for press freedom 8) Congo troops get death for killing reporter, says rights group 9) Armed men in DRC cut media signals 10) Congo president frees editors 11) Two TV journalists freed after nine days 12) Google: Hate Speech/ DR Congo 13) Journalist found dead in eastern DRC 14) DR Congo: Outspoken Lawmaker Gets 3-Year Sentence 15) RWB's partner Journaliste en Danger condemns lengthy detention of Congo News publisher

Refugees:  1) DRC refugees 2009 Refugees International 3) Dangers increase for displaced in eastern DR Congo, UN says 2)Congo fighting uproots tens of thousands - UN 3) More Congolese Fleeing Into Uganda From Fighting 4) UNHCR increasingly concerned by spiralling displacement and atrocities in North Kivu 5) Refugees on the move as DR Congo fighting escalates 6) Congo violence (video) 7) No Home for Congo's Pygmies 8) DR Congo: Continuing LRA rampage displaces more Congolese 9) Emergency Relief Coordinator, in briefing to Security Council, stresses essential need for improved humanitarian aid in Democratic Republic of the Congo 10) Returns from Democratic Republic of the Congo to Rwanda increase 11) Protect DR Congo civilian 12) Homeless in DR Congo (video 13) DR Congo: UN sounds alarm over armed attacks against camps for displaced 14) Food Distributed to Thousands Displaced by Fighting in Northwest Democratic Republic of the Congo 15) DRC: Thousands flee LRA attacks in northeast 16) DR Congo voices: "liberated" and displaced 17) Population Movements in Eastern DR Congo, Apr - Jun 2009 18) Over 120,000 DRC Refugees Flee to Neighboring Countries to Escape Ethnic Fighting 19) Merlin reaches communities cut off by violence in DRC 20) Thousands of homes burned in new atrocities in Eastern Congo, villagers tell Oxfam  21) Congo: U.N. Agency Reports 536,000 Left Homeless 22) Analysis: Fighting for peace in DRC's Kivu region 23) PHOTO JOURNALISM: DRC 24) DRC-UGANDA: Still afraid of the LRA 25) 'Here, it is a single meal per day' 26) DR Congo / BENI: INSECURITY AND THREATS, THOUSANDS FLEEING 27) Looking for solutions for North Kivu's vulnerable Pygmies 28) Internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nov 2010 (as of 15 Nov 2010) 29) DR Congo claims to host 100,000 Angolan refugees 30) Civilians flee military operations in eastern DR Congo 31) Internal Displacement Monitoring Center: DRC (special attention) 32) Renewed violence at displaced Congolese 33) UNHCR warns of new displacement in DR Congo 34) DRC: Concern over welfare 0f IDPs in Katanga 35) In Brief: Uganda overstretched by DRC refugee influx 36) Democratic Republic of Congo: in search of security  37) DRC: IDPs weigh options as fighting rages in North Kivu 38) Homeless, hungry and grieving 39) Congo's displaced living in "pitiful" conditions 40) UGANDA: DRC refugee influx stretching relief supplies 41) DR Congo: civilians suffer amid shifting centres of violence  42) DR Congo: UN food relief agency warns of ‘Triangle of Death’ 43) Congolese influx to Uganda reaches 60,000 44) Internal displacement on the rise in DR Congo 45) DR Congo: UN agency assists newly displaced Congolese as fighting escalates in eastern provinces 46) 80,000 people displaced by fresh fighting in DR Congo over past month 47) Southern Democratic Republic of Congo on verge of humanitarian crisis 48) Video: living in fear in DR Congo's Ruzizi plain

Rwanda/Rwanda Genocide: 1) Ghosts of Rwanda (video) 2) Former Rwandan Army Colonel Convicted Over 1994 Genocide 3) DECLASSIFIED DOCS REVEAL U.S. PURPOSEFULLY IGNORED RWANDAN GENOCIDE 4) DR Congo arrests war-crimes suspect 5) Ex-minister gets 30 years in Rwanda genocide 6) Rwanda troops withdraw from Congo 7) Trial Watch: Tharcisse Renzaho 8) Key Rwandan genocide suspect arrested in Uganda 9) Top Rwanda genocide suspect Uwinkindi pleads not guilty 10) Official: Uganda to Rebury Rwanda Genocide Victims 11) Evidence of Inaction ***12) Profile: Agathe Habyarimana, the power behind the Hutu presidency 13) Rwandan leader's widow arrested in France 14) Burundi (background to Rwanda) Genocide 15) Rwanda muzzles candidate, fearing genocide return 16) Finland: Rwandan sentenced to life for genocide 17) Feds say NH woman involved in Rwandan genocide 18) Report of the Mapping Exercise documenting the most serious violations of human rights 1993-2003 /draft copy/ (special attention) 19) UN report on Congo genocide could be game-changer 20) Rwanda threatens UN over DR Congo 'genocide' report (see #22) 21) Kagame wins re-election in Rwanda 22) Revisiting the killing fields A leaked UN report looks very bad for Rwanda’s government (see #22 this section)***   23) Jean-Bosco Uwinkindi, Key Rwanda genocide suspect arrested 24) Ban urges Rwanda not to withdraw UN peacekeepers 25) New allegations against Rwanda's president  26) Dissecting Rwandan criticism of UN report on Congo genocide 27) "Hotel Rwanda" hero implicated with Ingabire: prosecutor 28) Veterans: Living with genocide (video) *** 29) Genocide court sentences Rwandan mayor to life 30) A Genocide Fugitive Captured In Congo 31) Rwanda genocide: Opposition claims 'forced exhumations' 32) Former Army Chief Convicted in 1994 Rwandan Genocide 33) Rwanda Genocide Courts Denied Victims Fair Trials, Human Rights Watch Says 34) Rwanda politicians jailed for life over genocide 35) French Probe Seemingly Clears Rwanda's Kagame in Genocide Events*** 36) Bitter Root (video) 37) Rwanda Quickly Moving From French To English 38) Banyamulenge fighting to live on their lands 39) UN accuses Rwanda of leading DR Congo rebels (video) 40) Rwandan ex-minister jailed for genocide 41) Congo's Tutsi Minority Enveloped in Complex Conflict 42) Woman lied about role in Rwanda genocide, U.S. jury says 43) The Role of France in the Rwandan Genocide (book)*** 44) Hate Speech/ Rwanda 45) Donors restore aid to Rwanda 46) Rwanda won't accept victimization over DRC - Kagame 47) UK arrests five Rwandans over 1994 genocide 48) Rwanda warns its enemies after bombs from Congo land on villages 49) Kigali raises the red flag over FDLR, Congolese army ties 50) U.S. woman gets 10 years in Rwanda fraud case 51) Rwandan army officers aiding M23 rebels in Congo 52) Analysis: African UN troops Raise Stakes for Rwanda in Congo Crisis 53) Rwandan threatens military intervention in Congo 54) UN troops clash with rebels in DR Congo 55) Rwanda says ready to strike inside Congo, war looms 56) There will be no peace in Congo till FDLR is disarmed 57) Regional powers fear Rwandan invasion of DR Congo 58) Rwanda the key to Congo's peace 59) Rwandan genocide: what future for Hutu refugees? (video) 60) Can France and Rwanda ever reconcile over role in genocide? (video) 61) French envoy barred from Rwanda genocide ceremony 62) Rwandan president accuses France of direct role in 1994 genocide*** 63) UN Security Council confirms “Genocide against the Tutsi” phrase 64) Survivors ask UN to hunt down and punish Burundian Hutus who committed genocide in Rwanda 65) Militia accused of Rwanda genocide facing onslaught (video)

Sexual Violence/ Rape as a Weapon of War: 1) Displaced Congolese Face Rape, Disease, Violence in North Kivu 2) Sexual Brutality Accompanies War in Congo 3) Aid group closes DR Congo clinics 4) Girl soldiers: Hidden faces of war 5) Rape with Extreme Violence: The New Pathology in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo 6) Hillary’s Good Start 7) Sexual Violence Against Women and Girls*** 8) DISPATCH: Tortured And Raped In The Congo*** 9) 'Thousands raped' in Congo 10) Dr Denis Mukwege publishes a monograph on sexual terrorism in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)  11) Eight years of darkness 12) Progress has been very disappointing bringing sexual violence perpetrators to justice 13) Hundreds of thousands of women raped for being on the wrong side 14) In Congo, an epidemic of rape 15) Sexual Violence in DR Congo (video) 16) Aged one to 90, the victims of hidden war against women (video) 17) Cries for Help From Congo’s War Victims 18) Congo’s male rape victims speak out (video) 19) 20) Rape used as weapon in DR Congo (video) 21) Filmmaker Q&A: Fighting the Silence 22) Preview: Fighting the Silence - Part 1 (video) 23) Preview: Fighting the Silence - Part 2 (video) 24) Symbol of Unhealed Congo: Male Rape Victims 25) More than 8,000 women raped last year by fighters in eastern DR Congo – UN 26) About Sexual Violence in Congo 27) No hope for end to weapon of rape in DR Congo 28) Anti-rape funds in Congo wasted: critics 29) Sexual Violence Still Prevalent in the DRC 30) A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman (book) 31) Congo clinic offers hope to rape victims 32) To be healed, brutalised Congolese need to see justice being done 33) Rape in War: Motives of Militia in DRC (special attention) 34) Horrific sexual violence rife in eastern DRC 35) UN calls for urgent action over mass DR Congo rape 36) Congo: Confronting rape as a weapon of war 37) DR Congo rapes 'defy belief', says UN 38) Congo violence escalates 39) 15,000 rapes in stricken DR Congo region last year: envoy 40) Rape in Congo: 'I'm not sure I'll ever get over it' 41) Rapes Are Again Reported in Eastern Congo  42) More than 1,100 rapes daily in DRCongo: study 43) Rebels suspected of over 100 rapes and beatings in east DRC 44) Estimates and Determinants of Sexual Violence Against Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo*** 45) Field of Hope (video) 46) Another Year Lost for the Lives and Dignity of Congo’s Women 47) Congo: We did whatever we wanted, says soldier who raped 53 women 48) UN Condemns Recent Rapes of Young Girls in Eastern DR Congo 49) Doctor in DR Congo helps restore dignity to rape victims (audio) 50) DRC soldier gets death sentence for rape of 4-yr-old 51) UN human rights office 'disappointed' by ruling in DR Congo mass rape trail 52) Rape in War: Motives of Militia in DRC 53) Rape as a Weapon of War: What Happens to Pregnant Survivors?

Witchcraft and "child witches": 1) Congo children accused of sorcery 2) 'Exorcisms are part of our culture' 3) Tanzania's deadly skin trade 4) Massacre by the jungle witch-hunters 5) In Congo, superstitions breed homeless children 6) Congo child sorcery abuse on rise 7) Congo's child victims of superstition 8) Child witches in the Congo 9) Congo witch-hunt's child victims 10) Congo casts out its 'child witches '11) DR Congo's 'dangerous' superstition 12) Child 'witches' the victims of African wars 13) Burundi 'albino killers' arrested 14) Tanzania 'witch-naming' under way 15) Albino victim evicted from safe-house 16) Tanzania fights human skinning 17) DR Congo soldiers raping pygmies for supernatural powers: NGO 18) Spotlight: “Street kids” in the DRC 19) Crisis in DR Congo 20) Child Witches Accused in the Name of Jesus (videos)*** 21) Spaniard kidnapped in Congo 'had body hair shaved for magic spells' 22) Albino Family Dismembered in Burundi 23) The dangers of witchcraft 24) Witchcraft accusations haunt Congo's children 25) Children of Congo : From War to Witches (video) 26) Congolese Infants Raped in Black Magic Rituals 27) African Albino Official Fears for Life 28) Crying "witch!" 29)Kristy Bamu 'murdered over witch claim' in Newham 30) Witchcraft In The Congo: A Victim's Tale (video) 31) Accused of Witchcaft, Congolese Children Face Scron and Abuse 32) "Street children" hunted, killed in Congo 33) Vatican prefect challenges Congo’s laity to strive for peace, reject polygamy, witchcraft 34) "They Call Me A Witch" - Where Mothers Are Blamed For Their Child's Disability 35)  Spell of the Albino 36)  A Cruel Tradition In Congo: When Kids Die, Witch-Hunts Target Parents 37) The Lucrative Business Driving Congo's Witchcraft Courts 38) Bewitched Children? AProblem Churches Should Tackle 39) Providing a safe haven for street kids in Congo 40) Child Cannibal Killers Of The Congo 41) Many of Congo's Catholics fall prey to superstition, says leading bishop

Witness Accounts: 1) CONSEQUENCES OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN EASTERN DRC 2) From Oprah to Congo: One Woman's Attempt to Save Thousands  3)  Doctors without Borders Annual Report (2013) 4) Tortured And Raped In The Congo 5) UN reports atrocities in Congo 6) UN agency to act on Ituri human rights violations 7) Exposing evil 8) Voices of war 9) Haunted by Congo rape dilemma 10) Rape Victims Make Voices Heard in Congo (video) 11) CONGO STORY 12) Voices From Congo 'Grind Their Teeth and Groan'


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