The purpose of the CongoWarResource is to provide materials relevant to the training of students, scholars, speakers, and writers to disseminate well-documented reports on the facts and the consequences of the Second Congo War: Africa's World War. (1997 - 2003* war continues through proxy forces)

This web based resource is dedicated to Zainabo Alfanti

Quoting from the Economist (2006-1-27) "Even by the standards of war the atrocities in the eastern Congo are shocking. Zainabo Alfanti, for example, was stopped by men in uniform on a road in Ituri last year. She and 13 other women were ordered to strip, to see if they had long vaginal lips, that the gunmen believed would have magical properties. The 13 others did not and were killed on the spot. Zainabo did. The gunmen cut them off and then gang raped her. Then they cooked and ate her two daughters in front of her. They also ate chunks of Zainabo's flesh. She escaped, but had contracted H.I.V. She told her story to the UN in February and died in March. "


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Edward Kissi, Associate Professor, Africana Studies at the University of South Florida. Acting as a research adviser, his insight, knowledge, and understanding played a vital role in the success of this project. I would also like to acknowledge John Snow, the web designer, and John Tesmer, IT specialist. And I also thank Vincent and Lynda Mifsud for their support during the creation of this resource. I would also like to acknowledge that all of the hyperlinks indexed in the CongoWarResource were developed using the search engines Google, Vivisimo, and MetaCrawler.


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"It is important to listen to the "witness accounts" and to allow for your own compassion to be the final understanding that you gain from this resource."

Bob Hill ~ research assistant/ Docent, Congo War Resource

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