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Special Attention: the subject portals/ information gateways for the Democratic Republic of the Congo are listed at the top of the Links page.

Unlike many archival resources where video files and photographs supplement the print sources, when using the CongoWarResource it is recommended that the video files and the photo catalogs be surveyed first. They are accessed by clicking on the IMAGES page. The search of a video catalog can be narrowed by placing a search term in the search bar (for example: DR Congo rape). The Google and Flicker photo galleries provides photographs in context. (Meaning that when you click on the image you get to see the page in which it was published.) A survey of the IMAGES shows facts in context and allows for a more intuitive approach to investigation. Maps are located on the IMAGES page.

The Issues page has both print articles/documents and videos arranged on an alphabetic list. This page is very useful in an undergraduate class as it identifies principal issues and offers a topic survey. The Issues page is regularly updated.

The archives of primary sources of documents and news articles is the CITATIONS page. To avoid copyright infringement hyperlinks are used to access the materials. This index contains only "access costless documents". The timeline is from Jan. 01, 1997 to Dec. 31, 2007 and are displayed grouped by source. URLs can go bad (Error: document is missing). Often this is because the article has "timed out" and has been moved to an archive server that has a fee for access. Sometimes they are just gone from the internet. You might try to find the missing document searching for it on multiple search engines located at the top the Citations page. To find current updates and materials posted after Dec.31, 2007 go to the ISSUES page (current situation) or the LINKS page. Sites with current updates are marked in green and state (current updates). IRIN News , NewsNow: DR Congo , ReliefWeb, and AllAfrica (among others) have updates and excellent archives.

The Links page is the contact page for NGOs active in the DR Congo. The Links page also gives access to sites of special interest. For example, Google Scholar: DR Congo contains material of a scientific nature. Peace treaties, genocide prevention, libraries, museums, international human rights law, US law, and Congo music are examples of special interests that are posted there. Information Gateways on the DR Congo are listed and are denoted with (an information gateway) after the link. Their subject portals have a great number of links. Some have Notice: special attention. This is an important site. For those users with the time ~  the Links page should be gone through slowly.

The Books page is help in locating books. Amazon.com , Google Books: Congo and some e-books on the Congo are listed.

Please read the Mission page. Below is an example of a Docent prepared presentation using the CongoWarResource website:


                 Current Developments in the DR Congo

                                                                                     Arrange for media technician if needed for classroom projection.

                                                                                                Start by opening www.congowarresource.org 

Using the navigation bar on the CongoWarResource Home page go to:

1) Mission: dedication Zainabo  Alfanti  (read dedication)

2) Issues: Feminist Issues 19) Tortured and Raped in the Congo  (read from paragraphs 6 thru 8   starting with " I met a woman..." )

3) Links: 97) Rome Statute  Dignity and International Human Rights Law      (human dignity)               Preamble of UN UNIVERSAL DECLARATION Of HUMAN RIGHTS (reads): Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,
Statement : "The preservation of human dignity is the foundation of all International human rights law.  This is why the International Criminal Court was founded.  When studying the Congo War, it is fundamental that human dignity be the fulcrum on which to balance information gathered.  In witness accounts it is often recorded: "they robbed me of my dignity", "they stole my dignity", "they took my dignity from me".

4) Issues: Justice 48) Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth (video) 26:26    
(state that:" Internally Displace Persons are the best the measurement  of how much war is going on.  Currently there are 2.6 million IDPs in the DRC and an additional 509,000 Congolese refugees out of the country.  New fighting is adding to those numbers daily."   

5) Issues: Refugees 31) Internal Displacement Monitoring Center: DRC  

    Issues: Conflict Minerals 48) Conflict Minerals 3TGs an Infographic  (point out that more than half of profits go to fund war)

7) Issues: Mining 25) In Focus: Congo's Bloody Coltan (video) 4:37     

8) Issues: Mining 10) Mining for Bling (video) 8:24        
                                                                                            (note: stop here to divided this presentation into two one hour sessions.)

91Issues: Conflict Minerals 21) The Real Mobile Phone Wars - DRC (video) 24:10  

1 Issues: Sexual Violence 15) Sexual violence in the DR Congo (video) 5:02  

1 Issues: History  40) The Origins of the Congo War    recommended reading;   Instruct class that they should read this 3 page article.  ( Tell them where to find it on website.) 

1 Issues: Rwanda/ Rwanda Genocide 62) Rwandan president accuses France of direct role in 1994 genocide

1 Issues: Militia 71) Democratic Republic of Congo's key armed groups (There are more than 20+ negative armed  forces in Congo)      

1 Issues: Rwanda 49) Kigali raises the red flag over FDLR, Congolese army ties   ( A very real new danger: Rwanda has invaded DR Congo twice before because of cross border attacks.)

1   Proxy Armies and Post-colonialism : the French / American connection  (The Role of France in the Rwandan Genocide and the USA role in arming Rwanda today ; Anglophonic Africa vs. Francophonic Africa politics: Congo's vulnerability)

Critical Thinking and Global Context:  Dignity And Responsibility           The role for critical thinking   ~   making the connections.

                                                          ~  ~
Bob Hill, Docent
prepared : July/2013 for an extended 2 hour African History class (click here for Dr.Kissi's syllabus) on the Congo War.         (last update: Apr/2014)

                                                                                     ~All lesson plans need to be updated to be current before presentation ~

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